Hotel Coquille is at Ubatuba, State of São Paulo, Brazil



Where is Ubatuba?

Ubatuba is located at the North Coast of São Paulo State. The city is only 240Km off São Paulo City and 310km off Rio de Janeiro City. Ubatuba is also really close to some importants turistic cities: at its north limits is the historical city of Parati, in the state of Rio de Janeiro; Southward you can reach São Sebastião and Ilhabela. From Ubatuba you can easily reach Vale do Paraíba, where are the industrial cities of São José dos Campos and Taubaté. Take a look at these main distances before your travel:

São Paulo
240 Km
Rio de Janeiro
310 Km
71 km
São Sebastião
75 Km
  78 km
Angra dos Reis
158 km
100 km
52 Km
205 km
Did you know? Ubatuba is the first land of Brazil that the Tropic of Capricorn touches!
Why Ubatuba?    
Ubatuba is simply one of the best places in Brazil to practice surf, nautical sports, diving and birdwatching. There are beach options for all kinds of audiences – from the high waves of Itamambuca to the calms waters of Lázaro. Uninhabited beaches such as Brava, Almada and Cedro draw one’s attention, and the access to them is made through tracks. For those looking for movement, the best option is “Grande” Beach or the schooner rides to Anchieta Island. The services are focused on Itaguá and downtown beaches, with a developed infrastructure to welcome visitors all year long.

For more information about the turistic options click here

How to get to Ubatuba from São Paulo?
If you are arriving at São Paulo International Airport (GRU)... we can send a TAXI to pick you up at the airport or you can by bus by yourself, see more details:
  • By TAXI: A TAXI will be waiting for you, at the airport, getting faster to Ubatuba (it takes about 2:30 hours). Certainly this is the option that will guarantee you a more confortable travel. There will be an extra cost of R$ 300,00 for this service, that will be paid directly to the Hotel (total price for one, two or three people). The driver will be waiting for you, with a sign with your name at the exit of the international gate.
  • By BUS: From the International Airport (GRU) there is a bus line from EXPRESSO RODOVIÁRIO LITORÂNEA. They come to CARAGUATATUBA, which is a neighbor city, about 43km from Ubatuba. There are only 4 departures from the airport to Caraguá (it's a shorter name that we give to Caraguatatuba): 7 (at morning), 11AM, 16h30min, and  20h. From the airport until Caraguá it takes about 3 hours by bus. The bus ticket is about R$35,00 per person. (schedule updated on 04/nov!)
Once at Caraguá you can either take a TAXI (about R$ 120,00 to get to the Hotel, 45 minutes) or, of course, a second bus from there - there are two types:
  • "Ônibus  de Linha" - About R$ 25,00 per person, 45 minutes of travel. You can buy the ticket at the booth when you get to the bus station. There are a luggage trunk at the lower part of the bus. SCHEDULE (sorry, still updating)
  • "Intermunicipais" - About R$ 9,00 per person, 75 minutes of travel. More simple. You buy the ticket at the bus and there is no trunk. The chairs are not so confortable. SCHEDULE (sorry, still updating)
Main Access highways:    
If you are driving by yourself, when leaving São Paulo city you will have two options. Once at Marginal Tietê Highway, (1) One is taking Presidente Dutra highway or Ayrton Senna/Carvalho highway Pinto up to São José dos Campos, following along Tamoios highway up to Caraguatatuba and Rio-Santos highway (also called BR-101), toward Rio de Janeiro up to Ubatuba. (2) The other way is by Presidente Dutra or Ayrton Senna/Carvalho Pinto highway up to Taubaté, following along Osvaldo Cruz highway straight to Ubatuba.
Once at Ubatuba, How I get to Hotel Coquille?
If you are coming by bus, be sure at the bus station booth, when buying your travel ticket, that the bus passes by Caraguatatuba before getting to Ubatuba. This is important because it means that the bus will pass by Praia Grande, the beach where we are located, before getting downtown Ubatuba. This way you can ask to the bus driver to stop at Praia Grande in front of the Life Guard Post. From there, taking Praia Grande Street, there will be only a short walk of 250m until Hotel Coquille. But remember: is quite difficult that any bus driver would understand you if you are talking in english, so if you don't speak portuguese or even spanish, it will be better to ask somebody help to talk to the driver at the bus station before taking the bus.
But don't worry - you can also easily take a cab at Ubatuba's Bus Station to the Hotel, if this is the case. In fact, if you have much luggage, this is a good option. It will cost about R$ 25,00. Ask the driver to come by the coast so you can make a "small city tour" and see the beaches most of the time.
If you are coming by car, we propose you to take this itinerary: Leaving São Paulo, take Ayrton Senna/Carvalho Pinto highway up to São José dos Campos, following along Tamoios highway up to Caraguatatuba (at the coast) and Rio-Santos highway (toward Rio de Janeiro) up to Ubatuba. The roads here are more modern, and the travel between Caraguatatuba and Ubatuba is outstanding! Important to know: The first two roads (Ayrton Senna and Carvalho Pinto) are turnpikes and have several speed radars.

Due the fact that Ubatuba has only one ZIP code, and also that there are two streets named "Rua Praia Grande", some GPS's are guiding our guests to the wrong location - at the other side of the city.
Note that our street has the same name of our beach and neighbourhood: Praia Grande
We suggest that you put the name of a neighbour street when heading to our hotel: "Rua Eng. João Ortiz".
Hotel Coquille
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Praia Grande, Ubatuba - State of São Paulo - Brasil
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